4 Bus Accident Tips

Do you need help with a serious accident involving a bus and have questions? Check out these 4 bus accident tips, then call our attorney now.

1. Steps to Take After a Bus Accident

One, report the injury to the bus driver as soon as you can. The driver needs to make a report so that the bus company is on notice that you’ve been hurt. Get a picture or a copy of the report if you can.

Second, get good medical care. If you wait too long, the insurance companies will blame your injuries on something other than the crash. The sooner you get help, the sooner you can get better.

Third, talk to a personal injury lawyer that has experience handling bus crashes and commercial motor vehicle crashes. We know the process and we know how to help you get full justice for your injuries.

2. Giving a Recorded Statement

After a bus crash, you’re probably going to get a call from an insurance adjustor. They want to take a recorded statement from you. They’ll call as soon after the crash as they can. What they’re looking for is information from you that’s going to help their case and hurt yours.

Talking to the insurance company without the help of a good lawyer is never a good idea. They’ll spin their questions and twist your answers to hurt your case. Anything you say is going to be used against you. If an insurance adjustor wants your statement after a bus crash, tell them you need to talk with Brad first.

3. Going To Court

With a Utah bus crash claim, you need a lawyer who will be ready to go to trial. Otherwise, your case may end up with a settlement mill. These are the big high-volume law firms that just want to move your case fast and take a fee on the easy money.

When the insurance company finally makes an offer on your case, a good trial lawyer will talk to you about all your options. Then you get to make the choice whether to go to court.

4. Bus vs Car Accident Cases

There’s a huge difference between a crash with a bus and a crash with a car.

If you’ve been injured in a bus crash in Utah, finding the right lawyer is critical. The rules of the road for buses and other commercial vehicles are different than the rules of the road that you need to follow when you drive. Be sure to hire an attorney that has experience fighting commercial motor vehicle cases. We understand the different rules and how to use them to hold commercial bus drivers accountable for the injuries they have caused.

Do you or your loved one need help with a serious accident involving a bus and have questions about these 4 bus accident tips? Contact experienced Salt Lake City bus accident lawyer Brad DeBry for a free consultation.

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