4 Things You Need To Know About Truck Accidents

Were you injured in a commercial wreck? Learn these 4 things you need to know about truck accidents, then call our Salt Lake City attorney.

1. Case Value

The first factor is what happened in the crash. The worst crashes tend to have the highest values. Big truck crashes tend to be bad. Was that truck driver following all the rules? Were there other entities that might have contributed to the crash?

Second, what are your injuries? Our system of justice is meant to compensate people for what was taken from them. The more that’s taken away by a crash, the more your case is worth.

Third, what are your medical bills? Medical bills could be an estimate of how serious your injuries are. Higher bills tend to mean bigger injuries, and thus, bigger settlements.

Finally, how has the truck crash and your injuries affected your life? You need to understand the long-term consequences of what this crash has done to you.

2. Giving a Recorded Statement

After a truck crash, you’re probably going to get a call from an insurance adjustor asking to take your recorded statement about the accident. Expect them to call you as soon after that truck crash as they can. They’ll push you whether you feel up to it or not, whether you’re still hurting, and whether you understand that they’re not on your side.

You see, they want information from you that’ll help their case and hurt yours. Talking to the truck company’s insurance people without the help of a lawyer is never a good idea. They’ll spin their questions and twist your answers to hurt your case. Anything you say is going to be used against you.

3. Insurance Investigation

You should expect the insurance company of the truck that caused your crash to call you and ask whether you’ll talk with them. The short answer is, do not do this, but really, the whole answer is, no, do not do this without your lawyer helping prepare you for that statement.

A lawyer will help prepare you for this interview. They’ll help you plan for what the adjustor is going to ask and help you look out for things the adjustor will want to use against you.

You see, the adjustors will want to twist the answers you give. They are trained to ask you questions to extract certain answers they can use against you to diminish your claim. They want to put as much fault on you for the crash as they possibly can. At the same time, they want to minimize your injuries so that you don’t get full justice for all the harm you’ve suffered and losses that you’ve had.

For example, they may try to point the blame at you for being an inattentive driver. You don’t want to talk to the other person’s insurance company without preparing for it with a lawyer.

Many people don’t realize this manipulation by the insurance company can be even worse with your own insurance company. Your best bet is to retain an experienced lawyer to help you prepare to speak with any insurance company involved in your claim.

In most policies, you have a responsibility to talk to your own company, but you are allowed to refuse their call until you have a lawyer to help you. Don’t be fooled into thinking that even your own insurance company is your friend. That statement you give will be typed out and ultimately used as a piece of evidence against you.

Get a lawyer to help.

4. Steps to Take After Being Hit

You need to find the right lawyer. The rules of the road for commercial motor vehicles and trucks are different than the rules you and I must follow when we drive our cars. You need to choose an attorney that has experience fighting commercial motor vehicle cases. We understand the different rules involved in these claims, and how to use them to hold commercial truck drivers accountable for the injuries they’ve caused.

Do you or your loved one need help with a serious accident involving a truck and have questions about these 4 things you need to know about truck accidents? Contact experienced Salt Lake City truck accident lawyer Brad DeBry for a free consultation.

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