Available Damages for a Pedestrian Accident

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What are the available damages for a pedestrian accident claim?


One of the things that we see in Utah pedestrian accidents when someone gets hit by a car or a truck while walking down the road or crossing a street, is that the injuries are often really devastating. When thousands of pounds of steel, glass, and plastic collide with a human body unprotected by airbags or seatbelts, the pedestrian always loses. The lack of protection for a pedestrian in these accidents almost always makes their injuries much, much worse than injuries in other accidents.

Damages in pedestrian accident cases not only depend on the nature of the injuries but on establishing fault for the accident. The more at-fault the driver of the car, the bigger the potential result. Pedestrians really are defenseless against automobiles.

If you’ve been in an accident as a pedestrian, call me. Let me help answer your questions about a Utah pedestrian accident.

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