Boat Accident Recommendations For You

Were you hurt while out on the water and have questions? Check out our boat accident recommendations for you, then call our Utah lawyer now.

After a Boat Accident

Many of us love to be on Utah’s lakes. With all the fun that the water brings, it can be dangerous when people are careless. If you’ve been injured on one of Utah’s lakes, what can you do? Here are a few pointers.

First, find a lawyer who has experience with watercraft and boating accidents. The rules on the water are very different than the rules of the road. Second, talk with someone who’s not afraid to fight and to file a lawsuit. That lets the insurance company know from the very start that you’re willing to fight and that you have the right lawyer to back you up.

Boat Accident Insurance Investigation

If you’re ever in a boat or watercraft accident in the state of Utah, you’ll probably get a call from the insurance company of the person that caused the crash. They’re going to want to take a recorded statement. They’ll call as soon after the accident as they can. They want information from you that’ll hurt your case and help theirs. Talking to the insurance adjuster without the help of a good lawyer is never a smart idea. They’ll spin the questions and guide your answers to hurt you.

Choosing a Boat Accident Attorney

Did you know that the rules on the water are different from the rules on the road? If you’ve been hurt on the water because of a boat or watercraft accident, you need to talk with someone who knows the rules on the water that can help you. By guiding you through the rules on the water, we can help you decide who is at fault and who should be responsible.

Hire a lawyer with experience with boats and watercraft, and do it quickly. Boats, jet skis and other watercraft get moved around so easily. You need to preserve that evidence.

Were you or your loved one severely injured while out on the water and have questions about our boat accident recommendations for you? Contact experienced Salt Lake City boat accident lawyer Brad DeBry for a free consultation.

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