Bus Accident Claim Value

Have you been injured and have questions about determining your bus accident claim value? Watch this video to see how it’s calculated.


How much is my bus accident case worth in Utah?


You were just in a crash with a bus and ask, “What’s my case worth?” It’s one of the most common questions that I hear. Let me share four factors that will help evaluate a case.

First, what happened in the crash? The worst crashes tend to have highest values. Were the bus driver and the bus company following all the rules?

Second, what are your injuries? Our system of justice is meant to compensate people for what was taken away. The more that’s taken away by a bus crash, the more your case is worth.

Third, how high are the medical bills? Medical bills are an estimate of how serious your injuries are. The higher the bills are the more serious the injuries tend to be and thus, the bigger the settlement.

Finally, how has the bus crash affected your life?

I’d love to help answer your questions to be sure that you’re getting maximum justice from your bus crash. Give me a call and let’s talk.

Do you or your loved one need help with a serious accident involving a bus and have questions about your bus accident claim value? Contact experienced Salt Lake City bus accident lawyer Brad DeBry for a free consultation.

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