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Brad DeBry

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Brad DeBry is not associated or affiliated with Robert J. DeBry & Associates, P.C.

Brad DeBry

Sandy, UT Personal Injury Attorney

The Attorney You Know,
The Experience You Trust

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Brad DeBry

45 West Sego Lily Drive, Suite 315
Sandy, UT 84070
(801) 515-0880

Brad DeBry is not associated or affiliated with Robert J. DeBry & Associates, P.C.

Brad DeBry

Brad DeBry

Sandy, UT Personal Injury Attorney

The Attorney You Know,
The Experience You Trust

Free Case Review Download Book

45 West Sego Lily Drive, Suite 315
Sandy, UT 84070
(801) 515-0880

Brad DeBry is not associated or affiliated with Robert J. DeBry & Associates, P.C.

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Brad is fantastic! So pleased with all the help he has been giving me in such a stressful hard time with my accident. He definitely treats his clients like family and wants what is best for them. Would recommend him to anyone.

Ashley Richey

I contacted Brad a couple of times with some questions regarding our accident and what our rights were. He gave us valuable and helpful suggestions and was so friendly and knowledgeable.

Aimee Ballif

Went above and beyond to not only help me with my case but to reassure me as I was struggling with my anxiety. He was very kind and supportive and wasn't afraid to offer as much help as possible. One of the best you'll meet here and I highly recommend!

Linzie Builds

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    Sandy UT Personal Injury Attorney

    Getting injured in an accident is never pleasant for anyone. When that injury occurs because of the actions of someone else and their lack of responsibility, it can make the situation that much more frustrating.

    If you are visiting this page, chances are that you have experienced a personal injury in or near Sandy Utah. You may be in pain, missing work, and generally frustrated with life right now. Brad DeBry can help. We can provide the guidance and advice you need, starting with a free consultation about your case.

    In this page, you can access a good deal of information about your personal injury case. We’ll walk you through various aspects of a personal injury claim, including:

    • Types of Personal Injury Cases We Represent
    • Steps You Should Take After a Personal Injury Accident in Utah
    • How Your Sandy UT Personal Injury Attorney Can Help You Handle Insurance Companies
    • How Much Your Utah Personal Injury Case is Worth

    We’ll also take you through the story of one of our clients. This will give you further insight into how these cases go and what you should do. Once you’ve read through this page, make sure to contact us right away to schedule your free personal injury consultation.

    Why Choose Brad DeBry as Your Sandy UT Personal Injury Attorney

    After being injured in an accident, you may be left facing piles of medical bills. You may even be unable to go to work because of your injuries. At Brad DeBry, we understand this and your frustrations. We are here to help and guide you through your case.

    How can you choose a personal injury lawyer? It’s a complex decision. A good starting place is to research online and review various attorneys’ websites. Make sure that you look at their experience and their history of success with personal injury cases. It takes a good deal of experience both in and out of the courtroom to handle these claims well.

    We know you have several choices when it comes to a Sandy UT personal injury attorney. At Brad DeBry, we have years of experience that will help to guide your case successfully from day one. We approach each case as if the client is family, always looking out for your best interests and striving to get you the settlement you deserve. We are also ready to take your case all the way to court if need be. Given our breadth of experience, however, just hiring our firm can signal to the insurance companies that your claim is a forced to be reckoned with, allowing you the reach a settlement.

    Contact our offices today to set up your free consultation. We are here to help.

    Types of Personal Injury Cases We Represent

    At Brad DeBry, we represent clients on a wide range of personal injury claims. We have extensive experience in each of the categories of personal injury in which we work, as well. Below, you can review some details on each of the areas of personal injury we handle at Brad DeBry so that you can learn more about your case and why our firm is the best option for you.

    Bicycle Accident

    A bicycle accident can involve serious injuries to the cyclist, given the size and weight of most moving vehicles and the fact that the cyclist’s body is largely unprotected. As such, getting the best settlement possible in a bicycle accident case is important to ensuring your health and wellbeing in the long term.

    Bus Accident

    Bus accidents can involve municipal entities, which can shorten the timeline for a case. Many plaintiffs don’t realize this, along with the other distinctions that make bus accidents unique. Working with a Sandy UT personal injury attorney with experience in bus accidents is the best way to have a successful claim.

    Boat Accident

    Enjoying a day on the water with friends should be a relaxing experience. Unfortunately, many people who operate boats are as irresponsible as any driver you might see on the road. Whether operating a boat while intoxicated or engaging in distracted driving of a water vehicle, others on the water can cause serious accidents that leave you with grievous injuries.

    We work to get you the settlement you deserve in the aftermath of a boating accident in Sandy Utah. Just as with car accidents, there are many details that go into getting a boat accident claim right. At Brad DeBry, we have the skill and experience with boat claims to get the job done.

    Brain Injury

    Experiencing a brain injury is a life-changing event. It can severely impact your quality of life, employment and even your personal relationships. A brain injury claim, therefore, requires the most dedicated work from a personal attorney. We will ensure that you get a settlement you deserve that will protect you and yours into the future.

    Car Accident

    Car accidents happen each and every day on our roadways, but unfortunately, on occasion, they involve life-changing injuries. Car accidents also involve a good deal of evidence that can disappear quickly from a scene to clear the way for traffic. Hiring a Sandy UT personal injury attorney as soon as possible after a car accident can ensure that all evidence is collected and that a thorough investigation is pursued as to the details of your claim.

    Defective Product

    When a manufacturer makes an error in the production of a product and that product then causes an injury, the victim of that personal injury may have the right to file a defective product claim. These claims are particularly complex. It is necessary to gather detailed evidence on the production process of the product, as well as details on when or how the manufacturer knew about these defects. These are not cases you should ever handle on your own. Our Sandy UT personal injury attorney can guide you every step of the way to help ensure a successful resolution in your defective product claim.

    Dog Bite

    Dog is man’s best friend until the day he bites him. A dog bite can be personally traumatizing, given the bond many of us have with these animals. These injuries can also be disfiguring or even get easily infected.  A dog bite claim can also impact personal relationships when the owner of the dog is a friend or neighbor. In a dog bite claim, the insurance company representing the dog owner is responsible for paying out on your claim— not your friend or neighbor. We will work with the insurance company to help you resolve this matter in a way that helps you heal and move forward.

    Medical Malpractice

    Doctors are supposed to heal us, but on occasion they cause grievous injury to patients. If a doctor has injured you in a procedure due to negligence, you have a right to file a claim. These claims can involve action against both a doctor and a hospital, making them some of the more complicated personal injury cases to handle.

    Motorcycle Accident

    Unfortunately, motorcyclists are often stigmatized by others, with many believe that motorcyclists put themselves at risk. Even when a motorcyclist is not remotely at fault, their situations can be misconstrued by juries, for example. This is why having a lawyer on your side who understands the public perceptions around motorcycles is so important to building a strong claim.

    Negligent Security

    Individuals and companies that run residences and businesses are responsible for maintaining a level of security that protects anyone who visits their property. If they are aware of a threat or danger on a property and do not take adequate steps to address it, they can be held liable in a negligent security claim. If you have experienced an injury because of negligent security, we can work with you to prove your case and get you the settlement you deserve.

    Nursing Home Abuse

    Entrusting our loved ones to nursing homes is such a sensitive process that requires a good deal of trust. Unfortunately, sometimes that trust is violated, and our loved ones are subject to abuse by the very people who are supposed to take care of them. In a nursing home abuse claim, we can help you by communicating with the nursing home and their insurance company, investigating the details of your claim, and advocating for a fair settlement.

    Pedestrian Accident

    As with bicycle accidents, pedestrian accidents often leave victims with grievous injuries. Working with a personal injury attorney can ensure that you receive a fair settlement that can help you heal and regain a quality of life.

    Slip and Falls

    Slip and falls can happen anywhere and everywhere, from the local grocery store to the icy steps outside a building. When your slip and fall results in serious personal injury, you deserve compensation for your claim. Collecting evidence is key in these claims, as evidence and witness memories can evaporate overnight. When you hire us as soon as possible on your slip and fall claim, we can help see your claim through to a fair and just settlement for your injuries.

    Spine Injury

    As with many personal injuries, a spinal injury can have a serious impact on your life. It may leave you unable to walk for a time or permanently. It can affect your employment and how much you are able to engage with and enjoy life. As a medically complex diagnosis, a spinal injury requires a Sandy UT personal injury attorney who understands all the nuances of these cases. At Brad DeBry, we can guide you through the complicated process of getting compensation for a spinal injury.

    Truck Accident

    Truck accidents, more often than not, mean that a very large tractor trailer has gone up against a much smaller vehicle. Commercial trucks also have “black boxes” of sorts, not unlike those on a plane, that can provide details as to an accident. When you add in the involvement of the trucking company and the fact that truck drivers are often asked to drive long and exhausting hauls, filing a truck accident claim should by default involve the expertise of a Sandy UT personal injury attorney who will know how to factor in all the facts in your case.

    Workers’ Compensation

    According to Utah Code Ann. §34A-2-201, almost every employer in Utah, with a few exceptions, is obligated to provide its employees with workers’ compensation. This no-fault insurance system provides medical and disability benefits for those who experience personal injuries on the job. When employees are denied workers’ compensation they deserve, they can file for a workers’ compensation claim. These claims can involve working with employers and state entities and require the presence of an experienced Sandy UT personal injury attorney.

    Wrongful Death

    In some instances of personal injury, the worst happens, and an individual loses their life. This is a heart-breaking and tragic situation that requires the care and guidance of someone who cares to represent the family the victim has left behind. At Brad DeBry, we give you the compassionate support you need to get the compensation your family deserves after a wrongful death.

    Steps to Take After a Personal Injury Accident in Sandy UT

    When you experience a personal injury, it is very important that you take a few steps in the aftermath of the event. These steps can protect your health and your claim. The following are what you should do after a personal injury accident in Sandy UT.

    Contact the Police

    Creating a record of your personal injury incident is important. For this reason, contacting the police can be a good idea, especially when your personal injury involves an act of violence or a moving vehicle. Contact the police as early as possible after your incident and cooperate with them every step of the way. This will create an essential first step in the paper trail that will document and prove your claim.

    Get Medical Care

    The adrenaline we experience after an accident can leave us thinking that we don’t have any injuries. Even if you think you are “just fine,” seek out the care of a medical professional as soon as possible. This is important for your own personal health, but it is also important to your case. If you do not seek care, for example, the insurance company will attempt to say that you were never injured. If you seek care too late, they might say your injuries stemmed from another incident. Finally, your doctor’s care and the record it creates will serve as another important part of your case, validating and helping to prove your claim.

    Gather Evidence

    It is important, too, to gather evidence after your personal injury incident. This can involve anything from capturing photos and videos to getting the names and contact information of people who witnessed the event. Nothing is too small to document; it’s often better to have too much than to miss out on a key piece of evidence. In a dog bite claim, for example, there may be a busted latch on a front door that allowed the dog to get out and attack you. This could be repaired soon enough, eliminating a key piece of evidence. If you are unable to collect evidence yourself, get a friend or family member to do it. Better still, contact a Sandy UT personal injury attorney to come to the scene and start collecting evidence.

    Contact a Sandy UT Personal Injury Attorney

    And lastly, one of the most important things you can do for your case after your personal injury incident is to contact a Sandy UT personal injury attorney. The sooner you do this, the better off your case will be. Witnesses and evidence can disappear quickly, as we’ve discussed. You also have the statute of limitations to consider. This defines the amount of time you must file your personal injury claim. This timeline can vary in Utah, depending on what type of personal injury case you have. For example, wrongful death or a defective product gives you two years, whereas a slip and fall gives you four. This may seem like a good deal of time, but it isn’t, especially when you consider how much investigation and research can go into building a successful personal injury claim. Contact a Sandy UT personal injury attorney as soon as possible to ensure you are within the statute of limitations on your claim.

    Your Sandy UT Personal Injury Attorney Can Help You Handle Insurance Companies

    Many people who experience personal injury accidents start to worry about the other person involved—Will they have to pay my claim, they ask? While this is considerate, it is misguided. The insurance company for the other party will be responsible for paying out on your claim. While this may be a relief to some, it means that you are going up against some of the toughest competitors out there in the form of insurance companies.

    One of the most important roles your Sandy UT personal injury attorney can play is acting as the point person with an insurance company. Insurance companies typically have an entire bench of experienced lawyers, for one. Their primary goal, too, is to pay you as little as possible, so they will be working from day one to reduce the value of your claim.

    Your Sandy UT personal injury attorney can also handle all communications with the insurance adjusters. These individuals will be in touch with you shortly after your injury. They will express sympathy for what you have gone through and attempt to get you to open up about what happened. This is never a good idea. Whatever expressions of compassion they may make, their agenda is only to get you to say something that works against your claim and reduces the amount you are owed by them.

    Refer the adjusters and anyone from the insurance company to your Sandy UT personal injury attorney and protect the status and success of your claim.

    How Much is My Sandy UT Personal Injury Case Worth?

    Many clients always ask about the value of their claim in our first meeting with them. This is a natural enough question— after all, when you experience a personal injury, you are often left with piles of medical bills and little income coming in.

    The difficult truth, however, is that we really cannot responsibly tell you a value for a claim that early on in the process. To begin, we need to understand the extent of your injuries. In situations that involve complex injuries such as spinal injuries or head trauma, this can take time. We need to see, too, how your injuries will impact your quality of life in the long term. An injury that takes away your livelihood is very different than one that puts you out of commission for a few weeks or months.

    We also need to consider the psychological injuries this incident has caused. You may have experienced and continued to experience mental anguish associated with your accident and subsequent injuries. These injuries will also factor into the total value of your claim.

    Finally, we need to compile a comprehensive list of all economic losses you have experienced because of this incident. This can include anything from the damage to a car to the income you lost out on because you couldn’t work.

    Once we have gone through all these components, we will be in a good position to establish a value for your claim, at which point we would reach out to the insurance company.

    Personal Injury Client Story

    We are sharing the following story with you in the hopes with providing you with a more detailed look into what can happen in a personal injury claim. We have changed the personal details associated with our client to protect their privacy, but you will still get the same value out of reviewing their story. Afterwards, contact us to set up a time to speak with our Sandy UT personal injury attorney about the details of your own claim.

    One winter morning not too long ago, Sara Baxter got up extra early and prepared to do something she hardly ever did— brave the shopping malls. She had gotten used to making most of her purchases online, but there was a new toy out this season that she had to get for her daughter, Maeve. It was that toy, the one every kid was begging for. She had to line up at a shop in the local mall that had a few in stock, thanks to her best friend, Elaine. By getting their extra early, she was hoping to get in front of any other crazed parents, desperate to make their kids happy. The mall would be opening early for the holiday shoppers, but there was sure to be a line before too long.

    Elaine had been a good friend for a long time, and she was really doing Sara a favor by giving her the tip on the toy. Sara was grateful for her friend in many ways, but saving the holidays was really icing on the cake.

    As Sara left her house and piled into the car, she started doing the math on how soon she could get to the mall. Since it was still before dawn, she was optimistic that she would be first or at least in the top five in line. She got a little flutter in her heart as she thought of how happy Maeve would be when she got her gift.

    Not more than 15 minutes later, Sara reached the mall parking lot, which was empty. There were clearly some other early starters out and about, but she felt more confident than ever that she would be able to get a good place in line. As she circled the lot looking for a spot, she noticed that the overhead parking lot lights had already gone out. Maybe a mistake with the timer? It would be light any second, after all. She found a spot about halfway down the row and parked.

    As she got out of her car, the quiet of the early morning gave her a slight chill. There was no one around, and with the bad lighting in the lot, it was easy to get the “squirmies,” as Maeve called them. Sara clutched her bag close to her chest and headed for the door, her keys still in her hand.

    Sara had little memory after of what happened in the next moment. She felt a blunt “thud” at the back of her head. Her next memory was of looking at the tires on her car rotating as her car backed out of her space and sped off.

    When Sara was next aware of her surroundings, she was in a hospital bed, her mother and Elaine by her side. They were looking at her with faces filled with concern, as she tried to orient herself in time and space.

    “Take it easy now,” her mom cooed, patting her on the arm. Her mom was the classic caregiver, and Sara was glad she was there in that moment.

    She tried to sit up, looking around the room. “What happened? Where’s Maeve?”

    “You were carjacked in the parking lot and whacked in the back of the head,” Elaine said. “Don’t worry, Maeve is with your father.” Her friend had something of a hot temper, and Sara could see she was worked up by the situation.

    “Now, now,” Sara’s mom asserted, now patting Elaine’s arm as well. “We’re just happy you’re in one piece.”

    “You know there’s more than that, Mrs. Baxter,” Elaine muttered, still frustrated, but somewhat assuaged by the woman’s kindness.

    “Why? What are you not telling me?” Sara asked.

    “It’s nothing,” Elaine replied. “It’s just something to do with mall security. Everyone who works there has been talking about it. And they’ve been asked multiple times to do something about it. Cheapskates don’t want to spend on extra security, or even fixing the lights!”

    As it turned out, Sara found out over the next few minutes, there had been multiple carjackings and attacks in the area in recent weeks. Elaine told Sara that she and other employees had been advocating to the management company that oversaw the mall to take some steps, but the company had done nothing.

    “It makes me feel bad. I feel like I did this to you, telling you to come down for the sale!” It was clear that Elaine was upset over the situation. Sara’s mom once again took control, putting a comforting arm around the young woman.

    “It’s certainly not your doing,” Sara’s mother replied. “It’s only the doing of whichever individual decided to commit this crime. And if you ask me, the management company has some responsibility, too, from what you’re telling me.”

    Sara’s mother went on to say how she had investigated personal injury lawyers in Sandy UT that had experience handling negligent security claims. She told Sara that she had contacted our office.

    How Much is This Going to Cost Me?

    We sat down with Sara, her mother and Elaine the next day to walk through her case. It was clear that Sara was a resilient young woman and that she had great friends and family by her side. She looked at us with some reservation, however, as our conversation began.

    “Before you go too far,” she started, “I need to know what your fee is. I don’t have much, and the holidays are coming up, you know.”

    “An understandable question,” Attorney DeBry replied. “Many of our clients ask this upfront. What you should understand is that we work on a contingency basis. We do not get paid a fee until we are able to get you the settlement you deserve.”

    “That’s good news,” Sara replied. “Otherwise, I’d have to give you the boot out the door!”

    How Much is My Claim Worth?

    Sara’s mother spoke up next. “Now, sir, how much would a claim like this be worth? Sara is going to be out of work for some time, and her dad and I are just pensioners. We can help for the time being, but she has Maeve to consider, too.”

    “I’d like to be able to give you a number right now, Mrs. Baxter,” Attorney DeBry replied. “That wouldn’t be ethical or responsible, however. You see, we need to investigate the details of this case first. We also need to determine the extent of Sara’s injuries and when she will reach maximum medical improvement. Once we know all of that, as well as what her economic and non-economic damages are, we can give you a number.”

    “Well, that seems good sense to me, thanks,” the older women replied.

    Would My Claim Affect a Criminal Case?

    Elaine was up to bat next. She had a small notebook with her— it seemed she had written her questions down. “Sir, what about any criminal charges against this guy. Will this claim affect that in any way, or vice versa?”

    “No, these two cases would be unrelated. The state would pursue its own criminal case against the defendant. Our claim will be directed towards the mall management company and potentially an owner. We need to do our investigation of the circumstances, and what the mall knew and when. From what you have told us, Elaine, it seems the mall had significant foreknowledge of these crimes taking place in the area.”

    How Long Will My Claim Take?

    Finally, Sara stepped in again to ask, “How long is this going to take? I want to put it all behind me as soon as we can, really.”

    “That is also understandable,” Attorney DeBry answered. “No one wants a drawn-out process. Unfortunately, I can’t commit to a timeline at this point. It all depends on the management company, the owner, and the insurance company. If they are all amenable to settlement, then we can wrap things up in due course. If not, we may need to take them to court.

    “Rest assured that if that happens. We are ready. We have a lot of experience with cases like these in the courtroom. That fact may even encourage the insurance company to settle sooner rather than later.”

    Sara seemed pleased with the answers. She hired our Sandy UT personal injury attorney that day. We are happy to report that we ended up getting her a significant sum in settlement that put her and Maeve in good shape for the future.

    Contact Our Sandy UT Personal Injury Attorney Today

    We are sorry that you have experienced a personal injury incident and are dealing with the consequences. We would like to help you carry that load. Get in touch with Brad DeBry as soon as possible to set up your free consultation. We will help you understand what’s possible in your case and give you the support and guidance you need. Call us today.