School Bus Accident Injury

Was your child injured in a school bus accident injury? Learn what you need to do in this video, then contact our attorney to get started.


My child was injured on a school bus, what should I do?


Every day, we put our kids on school buses. They should be the safest vehicles on the road, but they’re not always. If your child was injured on a school bus, you need to move fast to make sure that you don’t lose your claim.

First, you need to investigate to find out what caused the injury. Was it caused by the bus driver, by the school, another student on the bus, or another car on the road?

Second, school buses in Utah are usually protected by governmental immunity. To make a claim, you need to strictly follow steps to make a notice of claim against the right entity. If you’ve been hurt by a bus, call me with any questions you have.

Do you or your loved one need help with a serious accident involving a bus and have questions about a school bus accident injury? Contact experienced Salt Lake City bus accident lawyer Brad DeBry for a free consultation.

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