It’s our goal to educate individuals so they don’t make costly mistakes in life-changing situations. Car crashes are traumatic. When navigating through the weeds of auto property damage, injury, angry parties, medical bills, insurance companies, and financial setbacks, even the best decision-makers can be challenged.  If you have found yourself in a Settlement Mill law firm call us today for a fresh free case review.

The Big Mistake

The single biggest mistake that many people make after a car crash is hiring a settlement mill law firm.  These tend to be the large, high-profile firms that crowd the highways with billboards and inundate TV stations with their commercials. In truth, most of these firms are settlement mills whose business models are more focused on speed, volume, and profit than with the interests of their clients.   

What Is a Settlement Mill?

Simply put, a settlement mill is a law firm whose primary goal is to settle your case as fast as possible, collect their cut, and move on. Although a fast outcome may seem appealing when you need money, it’s usually a bad idea to jump into these cookie-cutter systems.   They trade the best outcomes in favor of moving hundreds of cases and gathering speedy fees. Worse yet, when serious injuries are at play, the settlement mill model works in favor of the insurance company rather than for you.

“So, how do you know if you have contacted a settlement mill?”

1. The Firm’s Name

To start with, you’ll see their advertisements everywhere: TV, billboards, radio, the internet.  If you can imagine it, they’ll be there.  But, listen, everybody needs to advertise. Yet for settlement mills, the mass advertising is more about who they are than what you need.  What most settlement mills advertise is a fancy business name.  To listen to most settlement mill firms, you would think they were selling soft-drinks or used cars.

2. Free Consultation

When you first contact a mill, you’ll probably talk with a “screener” (who will never work on your case) whose only job is to identify fast, easy cases.  Then, you get passed to an investigator (who is not a lawyer), or a young “intake” lawyer that has very little experience.  These are salespeople, not experienced injury professionals.  Your “free consultation” is more about you signing their contract than helping you with anything.  Injury law is complex and insurance companies fight hard against you.  You need real answers, not salespeople.

3. Just a Cog

In settlement mills, the owner(s) rarely handle(s) cases; they might even work in a completely different firm. To be frank, mill owners don’t care about the details of your case, nor do they care about your best interests. Fast fees and their business model are number one.  Your case is merely there to fuel the mill.

4. No Fight

In a settlement mill, many of the lawyers will rarely file lawsuits. These firms advertise they aren’t afraid of the insurance company, yet many of their attorneys have never tried a case.  Actually, fighting for a client just slows down the process. In the end, they’re just not interested in the best result for your case, they’re interested in moving a high volume of cases. Just ask the person you talk to what percentage of cases they take to court.

Your interest should come first.  When their business is more important than your case, you’ll probably lose. 

5. Scenario

Time and time again, our attorneys pick up the pieces of settlement mill cases. Sadly, many people reach a fast settlement with a mill only to realize later that their injuries were far more serious than they thought. Because their cases weren’t developed properly, they are left without the compensation they needed. 

The Importance of Sound Representation

After a serious car crash, experienced advice is crucial. Even the insurance companies’ own statistics show that people who use an experienced attorney receive three to four times as much money, on average.  Experience and the will to fight for you make a real difference.

How The LawyerUp Earns Trust

Trust is earned through hard work. We care about who we represent. We care about how this crash will affect your life.  Our firm puts your case first. That is how we have earned trust and found success.

We Are Not a Mill

When you bring your case to The LawyerUp, you will sit down with a competent, experienced attorney who will listen.  Our lawyers will see your case to the end.  You get experienced legal counsel, caring people, and a dedicated staff.  Brad DeBry brought justice to a family whose Husband and Father were wrongfully killed by a trucking company and then lied about the circumstances.  Brad DeBryfought hard and helped win a record-setting $58.5 Million verdict for a local family.  We win and get the best results because winning isn’t everything.   

Getting the Right Care for Your Injury Case Today.

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