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5 Melissa Tucker via

Brad Debry and Riley Waddoups were incredible. I appreciated their timely and transparent communication. 100% thrilled with the results they delivered. If you need guidance with a personal injury issue of any kind, it’d be well worth your time to reach out to these competent, professional, local folks who know the ins & outs of the legal system.

5 Michael Adamson via

Was very happy with this firm. Quick response time when I left messages. Felt like they gave me honest answers to what I was looking for

5 Jennifer Sage via

I got in a very scary car accident in November of last year. I had gotten a Lyft to go home after visiting my family and boyfriend but by lyft driver was drunk and we got in a car accident the driver was immediately arrested and after a visit to instacare I called brad debry for some help to get a case. Brad and riley and all of the other people that were working with me are awesome and did everything they could to help me! They were all so helpful I definitely recommend them!

5 Jose Rodriguez via

I had called in regarding a couple questions regarding traffic court. To my surprise Brad himself answers the call and my questions. Even though traffic court isn’t something he usually deals with, he still was still willing to help answer my questions as much as possible! Very helpful and caring!

5 Richard Taynor via

5 Megan Acker via

I have only amazing things to say about Brad DeBry Law Firm! I have been lucky enough to work with Brad, Karen and Riley! They have been so much help and are an amazing team! Just when I thought I was out of luck, they made sure to take great care of me and have advocated for me so much! They have always been easy to reach and very kind. I am more than happy that I trusted them to help me with my case! They are definitely a law firm you can rely on!

5 Ann Tucker via

These guys helped me out with a medical concern after my husband passed away. They were very professional, knowledgeable, empathetic and very responsive to any of my questions. ( and there were many!) I would use them again in a heartbeat and would recommend them to anyone needing help. It was a great experience.

5 Jarod Lindley via

5 Adam Witt via

I’ve known Brad DeBry for a long time, and multiple family members and friends have been represented by him. Each of them were very well taken care of, and Brad made sure the process was as comfortable as possible and made sure to do the best job. Brad has a strong work ethic, which drives him to truly care for his clients. You can’t get an attorney more honest and reliable. Would 100% recommend to anyone.

5 Jakob Stagner via

5 Braiden via

5 Ashley Richey via

5 David Scott via

5 Scott Kirby via

I was in an accident, hit head on due to ice. It was their fault. Knowing that pain often comes after a few days, I call Brad to be on the safe side. He spent ample time talking to me and giving me advice, not just about if I might be hurt, but about insurance in general, my car, how to navigate their insurance, dos and don’ts. Not once did he try to “sell” me on him. In the end, I am fine, no need for his services, and he called to check on me anyway. He’s just a good dude.

5 Aimee Ballif via

I contacted Brad a couple of times with some questions regarding our accident and what our rights were. He gave us valuable and helpful suggestions and was so friendly and knowledgeable.

5 Richard Saunders via

My association with Brad is such a refreshing experience. He prioritizes meaningful and timely value and will go out of his way as necessary to do this without hesitation. Thanks, Brad!

5 Bryce J. McKay via

Very patient with me, and gave me great advice and knowledge. I felt like I was treated as one of their friends, which helped me feel quite comfortable working with them. Very responsive and professional.

5 Linzie Builds via

Went above and beyond to not only help me with my case but to reassure me as I was struggling with my anxiety. He was very kind and supportive and wasn’t afraid to offer as much help as possible. One of the best you’ll meet here and I highly recommend!

5 Eric Brimhall via

Brad DeBry is the best attorney that I have worked with. He cares deeply for all of his clients and has & will always put their needs first. I always recommend my friends and family to Brad.

5 Mindi O. via

Brad is friendly, caring and thorough. He has helped a family member navigate a complex case which involved serious injuries sustained in an accident. He has made the experience of needing a lawyer extremely positive for her and I would recommend him to anyone that finds themselves in a similar situation.

5 Megan Washburn via

Highly recommend! Brad was so helpful to me to guide me through everything!

5 Marisa Damiano via

I called him and he explained to me exactly what I needed to do, when others lawyers were confusing but Brad Debry was excellent throughout the whole process.

5 Catherine DeBry via

Brad DeBry genuinely cares about each of his clients and always puts their needs first in the case!

5 Anonymous via

I have enjoyed working with Brad, he is very personable and i feel like i can fully trust him. He treats his clients like family and is super helpful. I am always able to get ahold of him when needed. He makes this process so easy. I would recommend him to anyone.

5 Mindi via

Brad is what you want in a personal injury attorney, he is compassionate and really listens to what you need. He is representing a young family member in an accident case and he has been available and patient with all the questions and concerns brought to him. No one wants to need an attorney, but if you do end up in a similar situation, Brad will fight for you and make sure he gets you the settlement you deserve. He understand how frightening it can be when dealing with the insurance company, and let’s be honest they have a team of lawyers there to manipulate you into taking less than you both need and deserve. Brad will make sure they don’t have the chance. Thank you Brad for being an amazing lawyer, but even more for being a great person.

5 Ashley via

5 Tyler Brimhall via

5 Amanda D. via

5 James DeBry via