Treatment Issues with Chronic Pain

Are you having treatment issues with chronic pain? Watch this video for guidance, then contact our Salt Lake City attorney to get started.


I am having issues with my chronic pain treatment; what should I do?


What should you do if something goes wrong with your chronic pain treatment? One of the most trusted relationships we rely on when things go wrong is a doctor. Accidents happen all around us every day and every single one of us needs help from time to time. But doctors can make mistakes, too on occasion, just like everybody else. How do you know if an issue with your chronic pain is normal or due to something somebody did wrong? Here are a few things to be aware of to help you know if a doctor might be responsible for your treatment problem.

One, have your questions about chronic pain been ignored during your treatment? Have you asked about specific issues relating to your pain that have been ignored? Occasionally, an underlying issue might appear less serious than it actually is and not get the attention it deserves. If you think this might be the case, there may have been some mistakes in your treatment.

Two, don’t wait for somebody to admit fault. Mistakes happen all the time and things can arise from untreated symptoms. If you feel like an injury has not received the attention it requires, get a second opinion from another medical expert in the same field. You deserve proper treatment and it’s always okay to ask for that second opinion.

Seek legal counsel. They’ll usually be able to tell you in the space of a short consultation if your case qualifies for a closer look. If you have questions, give me a call for more information.

Do you or your loved one need help with a serious injury and have questions about having treatment issues with chronic pain? Contact experienced Salt Lake City personal injury lawyer Brad DeBry for a free consultation.

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